Your safety is our priority

Safety around the camps and at your accommodation


We have always believed that for a holiday to be enjoyable, it needs to be safe! Every decision we make about the set up of the camps is founded in the basic principles that all of the equipment needs to be safe and easy to use, and must be regularly tested or replaced. Each glamping place is equipped with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and these are tested at every changeover. You will also find fire blankets and fire extinguishers, although in the event of a fire we would much prefer you simply to evacuate! Please don’t forget that we are a working farm, so please arrive prepared to deal with uneven terrain, a river to cross, and total darkness around the site when night falls. Each camp has good lights, but a torch is a must have for your packing list. Wellies or sturdy boots are also a must, plus raincoats and a wooly hat, whatever the weather!


How we prepare the camps for your arrival


The Covid 19 Pandemic brought a new angle to the way we think about safety, and we thought it would be useful to provide a summary of all the precautions we continue to take to keep our guests and staff safe. One great advantage of a holiday at Great Farm is that there are no shared facilities, so when you arrive at your accommodation you will know that it has been prepared especially for you. On departure of the previous guests, the accommodation is thoroughly ventilated, and all bedding is removed for washing. We use a commercial laundry and the towels and sheets are washed at a very high temperature.

Every surface, hidden or otherwise, is cleaned, from floor to ceiling. We have removed any soft furnishings which cannot be cleaned en situ. The beds are made in a way that minimises any human contact with the clean sheets. Finally, the whole place is treated with a disinfectant. When the weather is kind, we leave as many doors and windows open as possible.

Self check in was a big success in 2020, so we will be continuing that for the foreseeable future, and it means that you can arrive at your camp without seeing a soul! Don’t worry, someone is always on hand either on the phone or at a safe distance if you need any help.