Great Farm

Home to a delightful collection of cottage getaways with that extra touch of peace and quiet…or youthful fun and games!

If you are looking for something that little bit more adventurous then maybe glamping... (glamorous camping)... is right up your street, or should we say countryside path! We have a selection of sites here too.

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Ecologically ethical. Environmentally friendly.
And passionately comfortable.

Glamping is a growing phenomenon that mixes comfort, style and excellent amenities, with the freedom and surroundings a million miles away from town and city living. We have three individual sites from Shepherds Huts to Gypsy Caravans – glamping is certainly for those who desire a little more luxury than camping.

If you think that sounds like bliss, then welcome to Great Farm in the Cotswolds…and to Eco-Glamping!

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Surrounded by the natural beauty, wildlife habitat and eco-glamping facilities of Great Farm, we can provide shepherd's huts or stunningly restored gypsy caravans. Perfect for a couple of families or a group of friends.


If glamping is just a step too far to nature, then you may prefer the comfort and homelike qualities of a holiday cottage. At Great Farm we can bring you just that, nestling on the grounds of Great Farm we have two fabulous Cotswold cottages.


True love and romance can flourish anywhere. But it helps if you have the right surroundings…or the atmosphere. The Barn is a stunning venue for not only weddings, anniversaries, even birthdays…it’s also been the focal point for events of all shapes and sizes.


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